Comedian Pranks Zoo Visitors With Hilarious Fake Animal Facts

Let's just say Jeff Wysaski understands the power of misinformation.

The Los Angeles comedian recently covered over exhibit signage at the Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens with Photoshopped designs of his own creation—and these phony animal facts are hilarious AF.

"Meerkats can control electronics with their minds. If your cell phone rings, DO NOT ANSWER IT," the first one warns ominously.

"He was a highly koala-fied leader," puns a second on Instagram.

Writing at Obvious Plant, one of two comedy sites he writes and edits, Wysaski explained why he developed the mischievous project: "[Because] The zoo is more fun with made up facts."

"It feels good to help people learn," he added wryly at, his viral aggregation site.

While officials with the zoo weren't particularly pleased with the stunt, the clever counterfeits were a huge hit on the internet, where they promptly trended on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

See the rest of the funny forgeries, which have totaled nearly 30,000 shares at Tumblr, embedded below.

Oh, Phillip, will he ~ever~ learn?

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Zoo gotta be kidding me.

Ok, this one might not actually be fake.

😂 😂 😂

What a hoot, but who-who would ever tell them that?

TFW when you bare your greatest fears to someone and then they use it against you.

Dead from the LOLs. Can you even?

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