This Scared Pup Overcomes Her Fears While Battling Skin Disorder

You thought your teen years were rough? Try being a 2-year old pup with bad skin! Life, it's just not fair sometimes.

Meet, Koda, an adorable beagle/harrier mix with quite the unfortunate condition.

Koda was brought to the Foothills Animal Shelter in August 2016 as an incredibly special yet shy little pup. She arrived with unexplained hair loss and severe skin irritation. Koda was quickly placed in a foster home that conducted tests and found that the doggo was allergic to multiple types of grass. Even the smallest amounts of contact caused her skin to react. Yep, we're definitely getting teenage years flashbacks!

With Koda's allergies going undiagnosed for so long, her hair eventually started to shed and then fall out completely. Luckily, once the root of the problem was detected, Foothills Animal Shelter's Chief Veterinarian prescribed a daily medicine and before they knew it, Koda was as good as new!

With her speedy recovery, this darling diva is a shy girl no more! Koda has regained her confidence, loves making friends, and lives to show off her new looks at her local dog park.

This dazzling doggie's ability to play well with others also landed her in a loving home with two owners who were looking for a dog that would get along with their cat. This, of course, was no issue for the new and improved Koda.

You can catch her these days lounging gracefully in the sun, showing off that beautiful coat and hanging with her new brother, Bob.

You go, girl!