18 Dogs Who Think They're Cats

These dogs are having an identity crisis. They've tried chewing bones and playing fetch, but it doesn't feel right. Now they've turned to their feline counterparts to see what else is out there, and here at Cuteness, we support their desire to explore different forms of self-expression, because it's hecking adorable.

1. To be fair, that does look pretty comfortable.

Dog sitting in cat tower.
credit: Imgur

2. Classic cat behavior: Take any opportunity to make your human feel awkward.

Dog sitting in pants of person on toilet
credit: Imgur

3. Laser pointers are fun, okay??

Dog chasing laser pointer
credit: YouTube

4. Piano Cat is about to get a run for its money.

Dog sitting on edge of keyboard
credit: Imgur

5. "Meow?"

Dog standing on arm of couch
credit: Imgur

6. Best view of the bird feeder.

Dog sitting on cat tower
credit: Imgur

7. He just looks so dang proud of himself for learning how the cats do it.

Dog grooming itself like a cat
credit: Youtube

8. Husky see, husky do.

Dog in various cat-like poses
credit: Imgur

9.   "I found a sunny spot. I'm not going to share it."

Dog sitting in sunny spot
credit: Imgur

10.  Honorary cats have to take the bottom bunk until they get promoted.

Dog sitting at the bottom of cat tower
credit: Imgur

11. "I can do this. I can do this. I - can - do - THIS!"

Dog squeezing through cat door
credit: Giphy

12. "The cat made it look so easy."

Dog in very tall tree
credit: Facebook

13.   If dogs could purr, this is what it would look like.

Dog on man's lap
credit: Imgur

14. "If I fits..."

Dog sitting in box
credit: Imgur

15. "...I sits!"

Dog sitting in box
credit: Imgur

16.  Throwing shade like a pro.

Dog looking at skeptically at camera
credit: Imgur

17. Silly doggo, fish are for kitties!

Dog watching aquarium
credit: Reddit

18. "I don't care if I'm not their real dad; I'm still gonna be the best dad ever!"

Dog and cat raising kittens
credit: Tumblr