One Click Can Help Save These Two Pups From A Rare Disease

Tiny and Molly are two beautiful pups who were recently diagnosed with an extremely rare condition. Luckily, both canines are total fighters. And even more fortunate for everyone, their current caretaker, Christa Dean, is an even bigger fighter.

Tiny and Molly's mom came to a high kill shelter in Virginia while pregnant with the pups. After giving birth, they were left outside with almost no care at all. Valley Rescue of Virginia saved the dogs, and they were taken to loving foster homes to be cared for. Then, this past Tuesday at just 12-weeks-old, Molly's foster family noticed the dog acting really strangely.

She had serious trouble breathing and began turning purple. She was immediately taken to several veterinarian offices where numerous tests were run without any conclusive diagnosis. And, it turns out, Molly's sister Tiny was struggling with the same issue.

The dogs acted severely asthmatic and became dependent on oxygen. Meanwhile, nobody seemed able to figure out what was happening. Several extremely expensive vet visits later, they were finally diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis. It's a rare disease that usually only affects much older dogs. But, for some unknown reason, is also threatens the lives of these two puppies.

The Virginia Tech vets who made the diagnosis cleared their schedule in order to perform the life-saving surgery these two dogs need. They'll undergo that surgery on Thursday, and it will give both these young puppies a chance at a happy, long life.

Christa Dean and the caring people of Valley Rescue of Virginia aren't letting finances stop their chances of giving these dogs a second lease on life. But, they are quickly getting pretty overwhelmed by the mounting bills.

So they've turned to the generosity of strangers on the internet to help them out. There are multiple ways you can help financially support Tiny and Molly's ordeal. According to the rescue group's Facebook page, you can call the vet and donate over the phone, or you can send PayPal or checks directly to the organization. Or – and even easier – they've also got a GoFundMe page set up to help gather donations.

One click and a small donation could go a long way in giving back to the group that has already given so much to these two tough dogs.