Blind, Rescued Pit Bull Can Now See Thanks To A Simple $5 Hack

Anyone who needs glasses knows what a disaster it is to attempt walking around without them. And for those of you who don't wear glasses, you should know — it's tough!

One pit bull, named Gremlin, know this all too well.

Rescued from a tough life of dog fighting, then battling things like cancer, babesia (a blood infection from tick bites), IBS, and finally becoming certified therapy dog — Gremlin had seen it all. But she still had one more battle to fight.

Blind, Rescued Pit Bull Can Now See Thanks To A Simple $5 Hack
credit: Today

After developing cataracts in both her eyes, one veterinarian suggested corrective surgery. However, due to an accumulation of unsafe (and very painful) pressure behind her right eye, Gremlin's foster parents had to make the tough choice to deaden the eye and hopefully return their pup to a normal life.

But the lack of vision left Gremlin easily startled and retreating from her parents and 7 other rescued fur-siblings. The dog's owners, Chris and Mariesa Hughes, knew they had to do something.

Mariesa told Today that, "her quality of life was suffering, and we really considered her happiness." After contacting veterinarians all over the country about using glasses to correct Gremlin's vision, one of them actually suggested trying a contact lens instead.

Rather than splurge on custom veterinary grade lenses, they opted to try a $5 human contact first. And it worked! As soon as the contact was in place, Hughes said it was like Gremlin was "waking up from a daze."

A quick change of the lens once a week is all it takes to keep Gremlin in good spirits and the Hughes are happy to oblige, "they are our family and we have made a promise to them to give them the best life we can."

The Hughes are no stranger to helping dogs in need since their foundation — The Mr. Mo Project — has helped rescue and place senior dogs with families that will love them for all their remaining days since 2011. Gremlin is one of many lucky dogs and now she can clearly see just how loved she really is.