Help Find The Owner Of Dog Who Was Rescued By Heroic Cop

A four-way car crash this morning on the 600-block of North Lake Shore Drive in Chicago gave way to unexpected doggy drama when a thirsty pup fled from one of the vehicles — and splashed into nearby Lake Michigan.

When Juan Farris, a probationary officer that graduated from the police academy six weeks ago, saw the beleaguered animal struggling to climb out, he immediately rushed to the dog's aid without any hesitation.

The shocking rescue was captured live in real-time by ABC's Chicago affiliate, WLS 7, who had dispatched a helicopter to the scene to report on the accident and local traffic conditions.

Press play to watch it below:

Dog falls into Lake Michigan, rescued by Police officer

Chicago police officer arrives just in the nick of time to rescue a dog that fell into Lake Michigan in Chicago.

Posted by ABC News on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

In an interview with reporters, the quick-thinking officer had this to say about his Johnny-on-the-spot heroics:

"I heard the splash. Once I heard, I turned over, I saw him swimming, just went over there and grabbed him. I was hoping he didn't get too far, because it would've been quite the battle if I had to jump in."

Back on land, the playful pooch eluded capture by running in circles but was eventually cajoled into a squad car by Officer Farris and his partner, Field Training Officer Daniel Guzman, with some bottled water.

Described as having the temperament of "a good dog, a cooperative dog", the pit bull mix had no chip or collar and has since been taken to the 18th District Police Station, where officials are trying to identify the owners.

If you recognize the woofer, you are encouraged to contact them ASAP.

Additional video available at ABC 7's website.

We'll have more on this breaking story as updates become available!