21 Pets Who Are Excited About Their Summer Reading

You know who enjoys curling up with a good book? Everyone.

1. Early exposure is key to becoming an avid reader.

2. Once your pet knows how to read, nothing is off limits — including your diary.

"She's better on the page than in person."

3. You'll need to accept that sometimes you won't approve of their reading choices.

Cat hugging books
credit: OMGTravels

"I thought it was Catlas Shrugged."

4. This overachiever is studying up on his favorite subject ...

5. This happy hedgehog only likes books about happy hedgehogs.

Someone should get him a library card.

6. And this playful little dog only reads books about playful little dogs.

Dog poses with children's book
credit: incorginito

It's kind of ridiculous.

7. Hope you don't mind someone reading over your shoulder.

Or, um, directly over your head.

8. Does nobody want to read your screenplay? Try your best friend.

Cary Grant showing a script to a poodle wearing glasses
credit: EZ2TrollU

9. Cats often judge books by their covers.

Cat reading To Kill a  Mockingbird
credit: Relevant

He's gonna be disappointed.

10. Dogs make the most patient tutors.

"Look. It's you!"

11. This cat discovered foodie magazines and refuses to settle for his usual Fancy Feast.

Black cat reading a food magazine
credit: Seksikitten

"I'd like sashimi tonight for dinner please."

12. There aren't enough books to satisfy this cat's curiosity!

13. Or this cat's ...

cat sleeping in a large pile of books
credit: 5inthepoo

14. Prairie Dogs might be provincial, but they do enjoy keeping up on current events.

15. This squirrel dropped in with spoilers to the book you're reading.

Squirrel standing on book open book
credit: bentheretoo

Great. Thanks a lot, squirrel.

16. Some cats even work in bookstores.

And these cats totally judge you by what you're reading.

17. If you take a reading suggestion from your cat, you'll never hear the end of it.

"I love this book so much."

18. Maybe don't let cats read to your children.

19. Coolest book club ever.

German Shepherd and owl read book together
credit: ujdogar

20. It's not only humans who can be anxious, you know.

Or maybe she thought the book was written by a feline, not Kat Kinsman.

21. When cats write books, it's closer to this ...