This Cat Lady's Cabin Will Haunt Your Kitty-Loving Dreams

It's not every day that you stumble upon an actual cat castle in the middle of the desert. Yet that's exactly what this feline fortress, listed on Coldwell Banker's website, is. And, like they describe, this house is definitely something you have to see to believe.

Nestled in the middle of the Arizona desert, this two-bedroom home is definitely the cat's meow.

Practically every inch of this 2,500 square foot cabin is covered in kitties.

They're watching you while you sleep ...

... and while you wash yourself.

Basically, in this house, cats are watching you always.

The realtor tasked with selling this pawsitively fascinating estate spent a decade decorating every crevice with cats.

At least, that's what the former owner said.

From the outside, the house looks normal enough.

And, luckily, it's pretty far out in the middle of nowhere.

So if you decide to get actual cats to add to this cat collection, nobody will be bothered by their constant meowing.

After all, a couple real-life cats in this decadent house would likely be among the least of any visitor's concerns.

"Cat walkways and in great room Medieval cat castle with different levels (stone)."

According to the home's description.

Don't worry if you can't think of the proper words to describe such a unique cat-lovers palace.

After all, in a home like this, it wouldn't be rare to assume a cat's got your tongue.