10 Homemade Frozen Treats To Whip Up For Your Pup In 10 Minutes Or Less

Summer is officially here! And if you're trying to beat the heat, sometimes window fans and standing in front of the fridge doesn't cut it — and it won't cut it for our four-legged friends either! Here are some easy, DIY frozen recipes that will be a special treat for your pooch but also keep him cool!

1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Fruit Bites

Who doesn't love a good PB&J? But this one is for the dogs! Here's how to make it!

2. Frozen Apple Treats

An apple a day keeps the vet away! These frozen goodies are delicious and nutritious!

3. Bahama Mama

This doggie recipe won the Kong Recipe contest! And it's made of only four ingredients!

4. Peanut Butter Banana Bites

We won't judge you when you take a couple of these for yourself. The recipe is delicious and also super easy to make.

5. Brain Boosters: Frozen Dog Treats

10 frozen treats to make for your pup
credit: Proud Dog Mom

These little bites contain coconut oil which will help your pups AND keep them cool this summer! Win-win!

6. Copy Cat Frosty Paws

These copycat treats are not only healthier but they look even cuter.

7. Frozen Spinach and Cantaloupe Bites

Get some greens into your doggo's diet. These treats have spinach! Yum!

8. Chicken and Apple Pops

Why not get something savory into the mix? This treat is on a whole 'nother level! Your dog will love this chicken and apple pop!

9. Chicken Dinner Cubes

10 frozen treats to make for your pup
credit: I Heart Dogs

These bad boys are dinner in an ice cube! Chicken and carrots and rice, yum!

10. Peanut Butter Stuffed Banana Bites

10 frozen treats to make for your pup
credit: 17Apart.com

Okay, how about we just make these for ourselves and maybe share with the dog? Mix some yogurt with mashed bananas, add peanut butter, freeze, and enjoy!