This Cat Stuck On A Ledge Could Care Less About Getting Rescued

Cats cannot care less about what humans want them to do, and that extends even to life and death scenarios. In Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, a poor little cat got stuck on the ledge of a building twelve stories up. But when firefighters came to its rescue, the cat could not have been less interested. Firefighters risked their lives to save the poor feline, but you will not believe the cat's reaction to their efforts.

The team attempting to save the poor kitty were the best of the best. The firefighters were part of a unit that specializes in natural disaster relief. And the incident was filmed by a war veteran journalist. The cat got the star treatment, but it really did not care. And that's what makes the situation so hilarious.

One fireman clings to the side of the building, while another tries to coax the cat with a long pole.

Cat stuck and firefighters trying to rescue it.
credit: The Sun Daily

Seriously, cat, there's a guy hanging off of a building, trying to help you out. Maybe humor him a little?

Nope. The cat doesn't budge.

The cat continues to stay in place.
credit: The Sun Daily

And that's not all. One of the firefighters explained that they had a pretty sizable operation going on. He explained, "We also had our officers standby with a canopy below in case it fell. It took us almost two hours to set up the safety equipment. It was steep with very little movement."

Wow, seriously, cat. The poor firefighters are working so hard to help you!

Finally, the cat starts moving, taking a leisurely stroll down the ledge.

The cat moves toward the pole.
credit: The Sun Daily

Just as if this whole ordeal is no big thing. But just as it approaches its rescuers, it makes a different choice.

It blows past the fireman holding the pole, and then...

Cat running past the pole.
credit: The Sun Daily

Like it was nothing, it just leaps back up into its home, NBD.

The cat leaps up to safety.
credit: The Sun Daily

Once again proving that cats do what they want, even in life-and-death situations. And yet, we people will still do whatever we think we need to. Because come on, they're just too cute!

Watch as this cat totally ignores all the brave humans trying to save it from plummeting off this ledge.

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