These 16 Cuddle Addicts Really Want More Snuggles

Petting animals is an important job, and a job worth doing is a job worth doing well. These humans better get their act together, or their quarterly performance reviews are going to be humiliating.

1. It's not like you were using that hand for anything else, right?

2. "Hey! Get back here."

Dog Begs For More Petting

"No, no, no, you're not done. More please!"

Posted by Daily Picks and Flicks on Monday, May 2, 2016

3. He may be a birdbrain, but this rooster is perfectly able to communicate what he wants.

4. This pup can hardly stay awake, but he still wants more scratches.

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5. "You're mine, human. Do you hear me? Mine!"

6. This kitty is much more polite about asking for some head rubs.

7. Look, it's a sheep!

8. "Snape kills Dumbledore. Now get back to work."

Cat laying on book in man's lap.
credit: Imgur

9. "Psst, human, you're petting me. Remember?"

10. Even this animated kitty is getting in on the action.

11. Hey, it's another sheep!

12. Why would anyone ever stop petting a rabbit though?

Rabbit getting its ears stroked.
credit: YouTube

13. That little round tummy looks irresistible.

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14. "This spot, right here. Ahh, that's the stuff."

15. This baby elephant won't take no for an answer.

16. The rare opportunity to rub a cat's belly should not be taken lightly.

Cat holding onto man's hands.
credit: Reddit

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