18 Adopted Dogs Who Are Coming Home For The First Time

What's more magically heart-melting than watching a dog realize it's been adopted? Nothing. Literally nothing. Prepare to be melted.

1. Belly rubs! Belly rubs as far as the eye can see!

Dog laying in woman's lap.
credit: Imgur

2. Instant couch potato.

3. Surprise! That shy little pupper is actually a giant goofball.

Before and after of dog looking shy and happy.
credit: Imgur

4. It was just supposed to be a photo shoot, but this real life firefighter loved his fellow calendar model so much that he brought her home.

Shirtless firefighter holding dog.
credit: The Dodo
Sleepy dog.
credit: The Dodo

5. "You're my human now."

Dog laying on top of woman.
credit: Reddit

6. This freshly adopted cloud is ready to shake paws with everyone he meets.

Fluffy white dog shaking paws.
credit: Reddit

7. So many new toys to try out! But first, a nap.

Puppy sleeping next to toys.
credit: Reddit

8. Adopted and loving it!

Happy dog wearing a sign that says "I'm adopted"
credit: Imgur

9. It must feel so good to finally stretch out those long limbs.

Picture of dog in kennel next to picture of dog on bed.
credit: Imgur

10. "OMG I get to stay? You really mean it?"

Happy puppy.
credit: Reddit

11. So cozy. Zzzzzzz.

Dog sleeping under blanket.
credit: Imgur

12. This good boy already knows how to smile for the camera like a champ.

Dog behind chain link vs. dog looking happy.
credit: Reddit

13. "Got yer hoodie! Now you have to keep me."

Puppy chewing on sweatshirt.
credit: Reddit

14. This guy is feeling pretty smug about his new situation.

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15. The comfiest bed is the one you get to keep.

Dog curled up on bed.
credit: Imgur

16. Best friends furever.

Two sad dogs behind bars vs. two happy dogs in backseat of car.
credit: Reddit

17. "My chair now."

Husky curled in chair.
credit: Bored Panda

18. The face you make when you realize it's cuddles and dog parks from now on.

Side by side photos of scared dog and happy dog.
credit: Reddit

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