Take A Tour Of The Most Epic Kitty Labyrinth Ever

The only thing cats love more than a carboard box is a maze made from 50 of them.

Awesome human builds box maze for his cats, Cole and Marmalade
I can haz box maze?
credit: Cole and Marmalade / YouTube

Such is the takeaway from a new video starring viral sensations Cole and Marmalade, a pair of adorable kittos that live with their "human servant" Chris Poole (who, on a related note, chaired a panel at CatCon just last week).

In honor of International Cat Day (which, up, is definitely a thing), the doting dad purchased 50 flat-pack boxes in bulk.

After shaping them into cubes and punching holes through some of the walls, he then arranged the blocks into a living room labyrinth — and let his black domestic shorthair and orange tabby frolic to their heart's content.

Because Poole's cat dad game is always locked at 💯, he even seeded the maze with little treats for his four-legged BFFs to discover.

Watch the whole thing, which is pretty ... wait for it ... AMEOW-ZING, in the embed below:

Reaction on the Twitter was an effusive mix of "hell yeah," "literally same," and "why didn't I think of that?".

"I so NEED to do this for my herd of six. It would be kitty chaos!," wrote one woman.

"It's like Disneyland for cats!! 👍🐈🎉," added another.

But perhaps the only endorsement that really matters here is Marmalade's, who can be seen at the very end of the clip, dozing contentedly away on the couch after a long afternoon of racing through the cardboard complex.

Awesome human builds box maze for his cats, Cole and Marmalade
Tired kitty is tuckered out
credit: Cole and Marmalade / YouTube

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