Dad Builds A Miniature Room For His Lucky Dog

When you have a dog, the whole house becomes their room. They sleep, cuddle, and play wherever they please. But that doesn't mean they can't also get their own room in case the cute canine wants to take a little R&R on their own. And if you're this lucky dog, your human parents know that you need a special place to call your own.

A Twitter user shared a picture of the room his brother built for his dog and it is pawsitively perfect.

Nestled comfortably right under the stairs, the happy pup's special space is complete with painted white walls, a little light, and all sorts of pictures of his loved ones surrounding him.

The hound-iwork (soz, not soz) is impressive, especially considering this was just started as just some extra unfinished space under the stairs.

But true dog lovers — at least those who are great with DIY construction projects — can see even the smallest spaces as potential puppy palaces.

The comfy canine looks completely content chillin' in his under-the-stairs hideout.

We hope this likable lovebug enjoys every moment in his pup-sized lair.