Why Tiny Pets Are Actually Ridiculously Expensive

Got a cute kid who's pressuring you to bring home a family pet? Don't worry, it happens (and it's awesome). If you're thinking of adopting a furry friend for the family you may be inclined to think small, as in, go for the smallest, cutest, cuddliest of pets because look:

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Not only are smaller pets winning on the cuteness meter, they usually come with a cheaper price-tag and are seemingly easier to take care of. Unfortunately, friends, these little guys are only cheaper INITIALLY. Dun Dun Dunnn!

Smaller pets eventually end up being more expensive than their larger counterparts due to higher veterinarian costs, according to research conducted by Ask.Vet.

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According to a recent survey, six of the 10 most expensive pets taken to the vet are among some of the smallest, specifically rodents and frogs. Ribbit, ribbit, ching ching!

So, what pet is coming in as the most expensive? None other than every child's go-to starter pet, the gerbil.

Gerbil owners were reported to spend over $500 per year on vet visits. These particular rodents are genetically designed to hide serious illnesses so by the time the sickness is detected, vets have to move mountains in order to get these little guys healed. Dr. Cherice Roth explains, "if the owner wants to save them at that point, it's all hands on deck." And of course, the little guy must be saved!! Ergo ... YOU.WILL.BE.BROKE.AF.

Beyond the classic "starter pet", more and more animal lovers are purchasing exotic pets but lack the education to properly take care of these precious pals.

Pot Belly Pig
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Dr. Roth notes that pot belly pigs and alpacas seem to be trendy pets to own but adds, "people haven't really considered whether the pet will fit well into the family lifestyle or what it takes to keep that pet healthy."

With all the goats suddenly running around in sweaters and available as yoga buddies, there is also a surge in farm animals as pets including goats and sheep ... goats and sheep who will eat anything and everything they see. This is a diet that leads to, you guessed it, ridic illnesses and cray cray vet bills.

It's totally possible to house all of these heart-warming, cuddle buddies (especially if the kiddos insist). Just make sure to do your research, keep the pets safe, and feed them their proper diet which means more than just slop for pigs and more than whatever the goat finds in the grass today.

And if all else fails, this is always an option.

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