Ray J & Princess Love Shell Out Big Bucks To Save Their Little Pooch

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood stars, Ray J and his wife Princess Love recently returned from an anniversary vacation only to come home to the devastating news that their Maltese, Coco, was locked in an attic for several days.

According to a report from TMZ, the couple's home was being renovated while they vacationed when construction workers had to go into the attic of the house. The entry to the attic was located in the dog's master bedroom (because of course Ray J's dogs have their own master bedroom). Bling. When the worker entered, he allegedly didn't realize little Coco was right behind him. The couple claims the worker exited the attic and the poor pup was left behind alone without food or water for days.

Oprah Crying
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When Ray and Princess came home, they found Coco having seizures.

The couple rushed CoCo to the veterinarian for care when they found her non-responsive and extremely dehydrated. The unlucky doggo now has permanent organ damage and will need kidney treatment for the rest of her life.

Yes, we're crying too.

The unfortunate mistake cost the reality stars over $5,000 in vet bills that they swiftly passed along to the construction company to handle. Because is Ray J going to pay for their mistakes?

Ray J No
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Princess Love posted this video of Coco on her Instagram page, letting us know that despite health complications, the precious pup is doing just fine.

Get well soon, Coco!