A Groom Finds Out Why Dogs Shouldn't Be In Weddings

A good boy is in hot water after he waded into a pond prior to a wedding in a Colorado park last weekend.

According to 9 News, Tucker, a 4-year-old collie lab mix, was tasked with ferrying a pair of rings, fastened against his collar, to the altar during a ceremony at Washington Park in Denver.

But when the canine ring bearer was left unsupervised just before the bride and groom were to exchange their vows, he dashed into a nearby pond. After the adventurous pup emerged from the water a few moments later, the golden bands were nowhere to be found.

In an interview, his human dad, Jeff Brines, explained to 9News that he had been pulling double duty, taking pictures and playing DJ, which left Tucker free to amble off.

"I was, to say the least, a little concerned ... pretty upset," Brines said. "I kind of was yelling under my breath if that's even possible."

"You realize you're in a giant park. You're not inside. You have no idea where your dog just was, you can't ask him, he can't talk to you and you're looking for a needle in a haystack," he added.

In spite of this off-script doggy mishap, the rest of the wedding actually went off without a hitch. Attendees volunteered a pair of temporary rings and the happy newlyweds, which included Brines' sister, laughed off Tucker's wandering eye without missing a beat.

"In a way, it was kind of beautiful," Brines said. "I think most people during their wedding, if their rings were lost, that would have created mass hysteria but the [couple] acted quite to the contrary. They kind of laughed at it, thought it was funny."

After the ceremony came to a close, Brines — and others  — could be seen scouring the surrounding environs for the missing jewelry, but to no avail.

When Tucker isn't misplacing important keepsakes, he's living his very best life with Brines in Jackson, Wyoming where the two are avid hikers, cyclists, and skiers.

Images posted to the man's Facebook reveal a dynamic duo at home in Colorado's scenic backcountry.

While the physical representations of the bond between bride and groom may have been lost to a watery grave, the relationship between man and man's best friend, it seems, is as enduring as ever.

For more on this story, watch 9 News' report, which can be viewed here.