Millennial Dog Gets Mini Laptop To Match Mom

This little Yorkie just became a bone-afied tech genius thanks to a miniature laptop his owner ordered for him.

Meghan Camarena is an internet personality and avid gamer. So she spends a lot of time on the computer. Not wanting her pup to feel left out as she stares at her screen for hours, she decided to get her four-legged friend his own tech device.

Needless to say, watching the little pup "work" on his personal device is way cuter than any aspiring writer you've ever seen hanging at a coffee shop.

The pictures appropriately went viral, making the internet-surfing dog an instant internet superstar.

Camarena shared that she got the laptop on Amazon so that others may follow in her pups paw prints and fur-ociously type away on their own little computers.

The Yorkie was clearly appreciative of his owner's thoughtful gift.

Now, if Camarena could only find a miniature laptop her dog could both pose with and chew, that would truly be the gift that keeps on giving.