21 Totally True & Not Made Up Facts About Animals

Animals are fascinating creatures! Every day, we are learning more and more about our animal friends. Get ready to be amazed by these totally scientific facts that are totally true.

1.  Big-Eyed Fuzzy Jump Squirrels are magnetic.

2. Contrary to popular belief, hedgehogs do NOT multiply when they are wet.

21 Totally True & Not Made Up Facts About Animals
credit: Imgur

3. Baby Tapirs are superior at both trots and wiggles. They are not shy about it either.

4. Cats will grant wishes — for a price.

5. Huskies have the best manners out of all dogs. Never hesitate to invite them to your birthday party.

6. Rabbits are terrible gossips.

7. Pomeranians are actually 99 percent liquid.

8. Kittens paws are velcro.

9. Puppies are built with extra tickle receptors.

10. Elephant Shrews are known for their shrewd financial investments.

That's how they got their name.

11. The Sleepypupaurus can take a snooze most anywhere. Especially under a comfy blanket.

12. Cats are actually big furry potato bugs with bad attitudes.

13. Baby owls can read your mind and know all your secrets.

14. The Horsey-Headed Squirrel has an insatiable appetite.

15. Too many baby bats? Try storing your baby bats in batritos for maximum bat organization.

*This was more of a household tip, but it's still good.

16. Red Pandas are really into fitness and make excellent personal trainers.

17. The Cat Dragon has the cuteness of a cat mixed with a dragon, with all the resentment of a cat!

18. Terriers are the most thoughtful house guests.

19. Ennec Foxes look sweet but they can totally kick your ass.

20. The cure for depression is sloths.

21 Totally True & Not Made Up Facts About Animals
credit: Imgur
21 Totally True & Not Made Up Facts About Animals
credit: Imgur

21. Dogs are born with rhythm and make excellent dance partners.

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