25 Chubby Puppies You Need to Snuggle Right Now

Nothing is better than a puppy, right? WRONG! What's better than a puppy is a chubby puppy. They are perfect for snuggling and if you're not cuddled up with one right now, well, that's just sad. But don't worry. We've got you covered.

Here are 25 chubby puppies for your viewing pleasure that would make the ideal cuddle buddies!

1. You can feel all the fuzzy joy just by looking at him.

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2. The only thing missing from this picture? You.

3. The more the merrier.

4. Is this a bear or a pup? Don't care. Let's snuggle!

5. This husky Husky Pomeranian mix that will steal your heart.

6.  You've got the right idea, kid.

7. Yassssssss

8. All cuteness, all the time.

9. Perfection from every angle.

10. Will free dog in exchange for snuggles.

11. "Can't talk now. Gotta rush home and cuddle with my new pup. Thanks, bye!"

12.  This puppy that just came home from work and ripped off his pants.

13. Has your heart exploded yet?

Dogs in shape of heart
credit: Keia Jay

14. Fat pup glamour shots. Well deserved.

15. Look at those tiny toes! All the cuddles. All the feels.

16. Cuddle buddies for life.

17. Not sure if he wants to snuggle ... but, it's happening.

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18. "Hello, I'm perfection. What's your name?"

19. That face!

20. THIS face!

21. Rolling hills of love.

22. When you need to snuggle with your best friend ... AND donuts.

23.  Even the kitties can't resist.

24. They love it too. Obvi.

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25. For the win.

fat dog
credit: Darcy Webb

Runs off to adopt a dozen chunky puppies because priorities

You're welcome.