These 22 Cat & Dog BFFs Will Make Your Heart Explode From Cuteness

Whoever coined the term "fighting like cats and dogs" obviously never met these guys. Check out these cats and dogs who are totally and adorably obsessed with each other.

1. "You got some Friskies on your face. Lemme get it."

One reason dogs like cats so much is they are notoriously messy eaters, and usually, they have some leftover food in their whiskers.

2. Cats are obsessed with dog's ears. (Hover to play.)

3. Dogs ears are like built-in toys.

"I could do this for hours."

4. Cats show their love with saintly pawtience.


5. Some cats are pawsistently annoying.

But their doggy pals love them anyway.

6. "It's okay fren, the hooman didn't mean to call you a bad dog."

7. "I love you, and I love to pet you, kitty."

8. Cats know that dogs have and also make the comfiest beds for a snooze.

9. "You has a big snoot to boop, dog."

10. "What a big mouf you have!"

"Ew gross!"

11. This pup obviously needs to learn the rules.

The cat owns whatever bed he occupies.

12. Like, dogs are basically cat recliners.

13. One of the reasons dogs love cats is that they give great massages.

14. Cats and dogs both like to play they are pro wrestlers.

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16. Look at these two buddies on an adventure together!

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This should be a movie.

17. These two snooze together so much, they have become the same color.

18. Cats and dogs make beautiful music together.

"Barky and Meowyyy live together in purrfect harmonyyyy."

19. "My kitty. Get your own kitty."

20. Little baby kittens know the safest place is under a giant doggo.

"I'll protect you, kitty."

21. Who needs a cat bed when you've got a big fluffy dog?

22. This dog has learned the house rules and submits to his kitty overlord like a good doggy.

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