20 Black Cats That Think Every Day is Halloween

When you're a black cat, every day is Halloween.

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1. "Hello, it is I, the center of attention."

Black kitten sitting in a jack o lantern.

2. Orange looks really good on black cats.

Black cat wearing black and orange striped shirt.

3. TFW someone says Halloween is one day a year ...

Black cat looking a little suspicious

4. Scaring people is always a good time.

Black cat standing on top of door frame at a very odd angle

5. Twinkly lights are delicious.

Black cat and a Halloween tree

6. Black cats are part bat. It's true.

Black and white photo of a cat hanging upside down in tree

7. There's only one night they can pounce on trick-or-treaters.

Black cat with big pumpkin

8. Smart purple bow ties really brings out their fangs 🧛

Black cat with fangs and a purple Halloween bow tie

9. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Two black cats with their tongues sticking out

10. "I hope it's a scary story!"

Black kitten sitting on a book in a lady's lap

11. Need a quick crime-fighting disguise purrfect for any time of year?

Black cat sitting on top of a man's head and it looks like he's wearing a cat mask

12. Looking ominous is one of black cat's favorite pastimes.

Black cat sitting on top of a light in a yard and it looks spooky

13. "What’s the first thing black cats do Halloween morning?"

Black cat yawning

14. "Why can't we always have big orange pumpkin?"

Black cat sitting by a jack o lantern

15. You should wear a spooky jingle collar whenever you feel like it.

Black cat wearing a fancy Halloween collar

16. Black cats are confused and sad when the Halloween decorations go away.

Black cat sitting with his pumpkin toy

17. "I told you I don't need a costume. I'm scary on the inside, Mother."

Black cat with a witch hat

18. Every situation is TRICK OR TREAT.

Black and white photo of a cat licking his chompers

19. TFW you take down the Halloween decorations.

Black cat covered in flour

20. "When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on..."

Cat sitting among Halloween decor

Necrotizing Fasciitis in Cats

1. "Hello, it is I, the center of attention."