21 Cats Who Have Fallen For Humans' Clever Traps

It's rare that humans are able to get one up on our cat companions, but these tricky humans have found a way!

1. "Tried to sits. Apparently no can fits."

Cat squeezed into a small cardboard box.
credit: Reddit

2. Wow, what a haul!

3. "We were hearing some noises in our shop, so we set a live trap and caught this guy."

Cat sitting in a cardboard box in a mechanic's garage.
credit: Reddit

4. Ouch. Way to add insult to injury.

Cat in a cardboard box that says "The Idiot Box"
credit: Imgur

5. Looks like someone got catfished.

6. A little privacy, please!

Cat sitting in an empty toilet.
credit: Reddit

7. No assembly required for this trap.

Cat in an Ikea bag.
credit: Reddit

8. An excellent trap, even if it's leaking a little.

Cat in a wire basket.
credit: Reddit

9. "It looked so cozy from the outside..."

Kitten in a box of tissues.
credit: Reddit

10. Emergency cat infestation? Don't even worry about it.

Three cats sticking their heads in paper grocery bags.
credit: Cheezburger

11. Pitting the cats against one another? Interesting tactic.

Cat sitting on lid of plastic box with another cat inside.
credit: Reddit

12. "I was told there would be chips."

Cat sitting in a shipping box for Jimmy John's chips.
credit: Reddit

13. You can use a trash can for a cat trap, if the cat has low self-esteem.

Cat sitting in a trash can.
credit: Reddit

14. Sometimes nature is the cleverest cat trapper of all.

Cat curled up in indentation in a tree stump.
credit: Reddit

15. Lured in by the promise of spoilers for Episode IX.

Cat in a cardboard box for a Yoda figurine.
credit: Reddit

16. Ah, yes, the classic decoy laptop trap.

Cat sitting on a laptop next to another laptop.
credit: Imgur

17. A low-budget alternative to the decoy laptop.

Cat sitting on a cardboard "laptop."
credit: Reddit

18. The Venus Cat Trap slowly envelops its prey.

Cat sinking into a big red beanbag chair.
credit: Reddit

19. "They got me! Run! Save yourselves!"

Cat falling into a cardboard box.
credit: Reddit

20. Genius.

Cat sitting in a cardboard box next to a laptop.
credit: Imgur

21.  OK, maybe it's not that hard to trap a cat.

Cat walking into a circle of tape on the floor.
credit: Instagram