112 Alcohol-Inspired Dog Names

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Alcohol Dog Names

Here at Cuteness.com, we understand that inspiration for unique names for a pet can take a multitude of forms: Horror flicks, Simpsons‌ characters, foods, etc. etc. etc.


The only limit, as they say, is one's imagination.

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Video of the Day

So if you were to be inclined to slap an alcohol-inspired handle on your newly adopted pup (surely there's a boozehound pun in here somewhere .... but I digress), we wouldn't be the type to judge you for it.


To this end, we've poured, mixed, stirred, shaken, and strained a total of 112 potential names into the list below, drawing on cocktails both classic and those a measure more obscure.

Scroll on to see if your go-to bevy made the cut but a warning: It'll probably leave you thirsting for more!


112 alcohol dog names

• Absinthe

• Amaretto

• Aperol (or Spritz)


• Astro (as in Astro Pop)

• Bacardi

• Beam, Beams, or Beamie (as in Jim Beam)


• Belini

• Bijou

• Bitters

• Blue (or Hawaii)


• Bombay



• Boodles

• Boulevardier

• Bourbs (short for Bourbon)


• Bramble

• Brandy

• Bulleit

• Bundaberg (or Bundy)

• Cabeza

• Caipirinha

• Campari

• Captain (or Morgan)

• Casino

• Champagne

• Clover (or Club)

• Cobbler

• Cognac

• Cola

• Coors

• Corona


• Cosmo

• Cuervo (as in Jose Cuervo)

• Daiquiri

• Derby

• Diki-Diki

• Dom (or Perignon)

• Espolon

• Fernet

• Fireball

• Greyhound

• Gibson

• Gimlet

• Gin (or Fizz)

• Grog

• Guinness


• Harvey (or Wallbanger)

• Heineken

• Hennessy

• Jameson

• Johnnie Walkies

• Ketel

• Kremlin (or Colonel)

• Kir

• Mai-Tai

• Malibu

• Manhattan

• Margarita

• Martini

• Merlet

• Mezcal

• Michelada

• Midori


• Mimosa

• Mint (or Julep)

• Mojito

• Moloko

• Molson

• Moscow (or Mule)

• Mudslide

• Negroni

• Paloma

• Patron

• Pegu

• Pimm

• Pisco

• Porto (or Flip)

• Prosecco

• Punch (short for Planter's Punch)

• Rhummy

• Rickey

• Rosé

• Sailor (or Jerry)

• Salty (short for Salty Dog)

• Sake

• Sangria

• Saz (short for Sazerac)

• Scotch

• Seagram's

• Shandy

• Skyy

• Smirnoff

• Singapore (or Sling)

• Singha

• Sipsmith

• Sparrow

• Stella

• Stoli

• Stormy (as in Dark 'N' Stormy)

• Svedka

• Swizzle

• Tanqueray

• Tequila

• Tito

• Toddy

• Tom Collins

• Vampiro

• Vermouth

• Vesper

• Vieux

• Vodka

• Whiskey

• Woo Woo

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