Beaver Don't Give A Damn About No Dollar Store Prices

An eager beaver was in rush to get its holiday shopping done at retailer outside of Baltimore.

The alleged holiday reveler casually entered a dollar store in Charlotte Hall, Maryland and proceeded to ransack the Christmas decoration aisle, throwing wrapping paper and bags of bows to the floor as he searched for the perfect gift, according to deputies with St. Mary's Sheriff's Office.

The beaver's holiday rampage paused momentarily as he debated the merits of the 4 and 6-foot Christmas trees; a subject that he is presumably familiar with.

In the end, the beaver didn't give a damn, and his yuletide fervor continued. Much to the dismay of staff, who contacted the Sheriff's Office.

“The beaver was safely rescued by animal control and was released to a wildlife rehabilitator,” deputies published to Twitter. But not before being treated to a couple of loving snuggles.

Happy holidays, beaver!