This Incredible Dog Gave birth To 15 Puppies For New Year's

Here's the proof you've been waiting for that 2017 won't be as bad as 2016: A dog in Georgia rang in the New Year by giving birth to 15 puppies. No year that begins with double-digit puppies can be all bad.

This Incredible Dog Gave birth to 15 Puppies for New Year's
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According to Atlanta's 11 Alive News, the incredible dog in question is a Pitbull rescue named Molly and she brought all that new puppy life to the world with the help of You Lucky Dog Rescue.

Thankfully, You Lucky Dog Rescue posted lots of video of the beautiful miracle to its Facebook page.

Starting off the new year with FIFTEEN puppies!! We believe Molly may have had the LAST PUPPY born in ATL in 2016 and the FIRST PUPPY born in 2017. Let's hope she's not going for 17 in 2017. We have a supplemental bottle-feeding plan in place to asist Molly and family. While we are full of joy with this addition to the You Lucky Dog Rescue family, we are also mindful of the companion pet overpopulation crisis facing our country. Molly was surrendered by her "guardian" to a community animal control shelter already heavy with puppies. We are thankful that we were able to rescue her before she delivered at the shelter where the puppies could potentially be exposed to deadly diseases. And, we are grateful that this will be Molly's last contribution to the pet overpopulation crisis. At the appropriate time, all of the puppies will also be altered before being adopted into loving homes. As you can imagine, vetting and care for a family this large will be expensive. Each puppy's basic vetting and supplies will be approximately $300.00. That alone is $4,500.00 Molly will also require heart-worm treatment. If you can help with a donation, the link is below. Please note - Molly's Family. The Dodo

Posted by you lucky dog rescue on Sunday, January 1, 2017

As 11 Alive reports, the average size of a Pitbull litter is five to ten puppies, which makes Molly's brood basically a miracle.

The shelter reported that Molly and the puppies are healthy, but she'll be spayed once she recovers, so this will be her last time becoming a mom.