This Cutting-Edge Invention Just Might Cure Your Dog’s Anxiety

Sometimes, life gets a little too hectic and you just need to take a break and chill out. Anxious people, you know exactly what we're talking about. But anxiety isn't just for people; your dog feels it too.

This Cutting-Edge Invention Just Might Cure Your Dog’s Anxiety
credit: Twenty 20

Most dog owners know that a crate can be a place of refuge for an anxious pooch. Dogs are naturally den-dwelling animals, meaning they like to hang out in enclosed places, which give your dog a feeling of security and comfort.

You know those days when you barricade yourself in your apartment and shut all the blinds, and it makes everything better? That's kind of what a crate can do for your dog. But the ZenCrate isn't just a crate, it's a super high-tech and totally a Zen environment that's perfect for anxious dogs.

Zen Crate
credit: Zen Crate

Not only does the ZenCrate look super stylish, it's also packed with more tech than your smartphone! It's got a motion activated sensor that plays calming music and kicks on a cooling fan. One of the biggest selling features of the ZenCrate is that it's made with a unique vibration-deadening technology to mute the sounds of fireworks or thunderstorms, which are both major triggers for anxious dogs.

The high-tech home even has a WiFi-enabled camera so you can obsessively watch your dog while at work; just don't forget to minimize the window when your boss comes around. Oh and don't worry about a power outage, the ZenCrate comes with a back up battery to keep it working in any situation.

You can place your pre-order now for $450 and units will begin shipping in April.