Incredible Surfing Dog Just Raised Half A Million Dollars For Charity

Meet Ricochet. She's a dog and also a badass surfer, which makes her pretty special.

Ricochet started surfing back in 2009 and is the only dog who does adaptive surfing.

Over the last six years, Ricochet has been raising money for kids with special needs, people with disabilities, veterans with PTSD, and animals in need, according to UPI.

Ricochet just hit a huge milestone—raising $500,000 (AKA HALF A MILLION!!) for more than 250 different causes.

"Reaching this major milestone demonstrates how much Ricochet's worldwide community supports her efforts," Ricochet's handlers said in a press release. "She sincerely thanks her individual donors, social media followers, corporate sponsors and members of the media for their continued support."

What have YOU done lately? Because Ricochet is crushing it at life.