Justin Bieber Gave Up Another Dog, And The New Owner Is Paying Big

Justin Bieber has a reputation for a lot of things — breaking up/making up with Selena Gomez, walking off stage during concerts, churning out pop hits — but being a responsible, long-term pet owner is not one of them.

Justin Bieber Gave Up Another Dog — and His New Owner Is Paying Big
Justin Bieber Gave Up Another Dog — And His New Owner Is Paying Big
credit: Cuteness Archive

In the past, Bieber has given away a hamster, a monkey, and a dog, all because he realized he could not care for them with his hectic schedule. Now, he's turned over ownership of another dog, known to Bieber fans as Todd the Stud on (a now-deleted) Instagram, to one of his backup dancers.

The dancer, C.J. Salvador told TMZ that Todd, who is just seven months old, had some serious health issues that no one knew about when Bieber passed him over to his new (hopefully) forever family. Todd suffers from hip dysplasia and needed an $8,000 surgery or he would soon lose the ability to walk.

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Thankfully, Salvador was able to raise the money for the surgery, thanks to a generous group of 90 donors that included Bieber's famous pal Jaden Smith. Sadly, it looks like Bieber didn't contribute to the fund himself, but Salvador says that's because he didn't reach out to him about the issue. Since Todd is his dog and his responsibility now, Salvador didn't want to bother the Biebs.

Hopefully Justin will send Todd a Get Well Soon card or something when he hears the sad news.