11 Dogs In Snowsuits Because Dogs Are People Too

With snow falling on both the East and West Coasts this past weekend, social media was buried under a flurry of photos, videos, and GIFs of dogs reacting to ARCTIC BLAST 2017. (No complaints here, obviously, because we love dogs 24-7-365.) Just like such:

Some of the most-important canine content surfaced on Twitter, where stylish doggy duds, including snow suits and winter jackets, were threaded into a "Moment" by the platform's trending-news team. As they note, "It's ruff out there, so these dogs are bundled up and ready for the cold."

1. This pug is experiencing all of the known emotions at the same time.

2. When you ask your bestie to take some new portraits for your Tinder profile.

3. New snow suit. Who dis?

4. Skepticism is a natural reaction to trying new things, but there are no fashion don'ts here

5. The only thing better than a dog in a snow suit is a dog in a snow suit and matching booties.

6. You'll never be as good at anything as this dog is at jacketing.

7. Dying from the LOLs, RIP me.

8. "They're always telling me I'm a good girl and this is how they repay me?"

9. He's NOT wrong.


11. Me trying to wear my summer jeans in January.

Everyone here at Cuteness HQ this morning (every morning).