Watching Rescue Dogs’ First Frolic In The Snow Makes Everything Cute Forever

There's nothing that warms our hearts like shelter workers taking good care of rescue animals and giving them all the skills they need to succeed in their future forever homes.

Of course, this very much includes playtime, and at Hundstallet, an animal shelter in Stockholm, Sweden who basically does playtime better than anyone else in the world.

Real talk — have you ever in your life seen a happier pack of dogs than these Scandinavian furballs prancing about in the snow?

Valpboom! Just nu är det valpboom på Hundstallet. Igår kom det in 11 valpar av jakthundstyp. Här får de busa av sig i snön, kallt men roligt! Dessa valpar kommer upp inom kort på hemsidan.

Posted by Hundstallet on Friday, January 6, 2017

Their leaping legs! Their wagging tails! Their snow-covered little faces! The pups who race up to the camera and slide to a stop .0005 seconds before they crash right into the camera person! It's too cute! Our hearts can't take it!

Do you need to see more dogs frolicking in the snow! Coming right up! Here are some of the rescue pups exploring the snowy streets of Stockholm. Ugh stop, it hurts too cute.

Just nu snöar det för fullt i Stockholm. Hundstallets valpar har fått möta snön för första gången. Här kan ni se Båtsman, Nils Karlsson Pyssling, Tjorven, Skorpan & Pippi med sin mamma Maja i snön.

Posted by Hundstallet on Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fingers crossed all these adorable little Swedish dogs find forever homes ASAP.

Everything is cute forever.