This Beagle Just Broke A World Record, And We’re So Proud Of Her

Some pups break the rules, but this one breaks records.

Purin the beagle sets new record for rope skips
"I get up, and nothing gets me down ... "
credit: Guinness World Records

That's the unlikely story from Itō, a Japanese city located on the eastern shore of the Izu Peninsula, where Purin, a 11-year-old "Super Beagle," has added a third Guinness World Record (a.k.a. three more than this writer will ever tally) to her already impressive resume.

In a video posted to YouTube earlier this month, the talented pooch teams with human Makoto Kumagai to jump a single rope 58 times in one minute — thereby smashing the previous best of 51, which the duo set late last year.

Watch highlights in the embed below:

Purin, however, is no one-trick pony.

Described as "cool, competitive, [and] easy-going" by her proud human, she first surfaced on the viral web in 2015 after catching 14 soccer balls with her front paws, also in a minute's time.

For an encore, the adorable doggo clambered atop an inflatable Swiss ball, rolling it forward 10 meters in 11.9 seconds. Because she's quite literally a dogged competitor, Purin subsequently improved on that feat, cutting the time down to 10.39 seconds.

While there's no word on what records she'll take aim at next, her skills also include riding a skateboard.

My skateboard warmed me up even though it was very cold weather ❄ :) とっても寒かったけど、スケボーやったら寒くなくなったよ!

Posted by Purin the Super Beagle on Monday, January 16, 2017

In an update posted on January 6th, the gifted quadruped took to Facebook to thank her adoring fans (10,000+ and counting!).

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