A Girl Taught Her Pet Cow To Jump Like A Horse And We’re Impressed AF

If you thought you were a big deal because you taught your dog to "sit" and "stay," well, think again. There's a new boss lady in town, and her name is Hannah Simpson.

Simpson shared a video on Instagram featuring Hannah and her cow going for a jump over a gigantic 5-foot rock. That's right, an animal that we usually regard with lethargy and a mellow attitude is proving us all wrong by running and leaping over giant boulders with her owner. See for yourself in the video below:

HOLY COW! (Sorry--had to throw in a cow pun somewhere in here!)

The epic friendship began when Hannah's parents nixed her idea of owning a horse when she was young. Never one to give up, she opted for a more affordable option — an adorable dairy cow named Lilac.

The New Zealand teen has a horse now, but she still rides Lilac from time to time. She even take her for jumps, but only when Lilac feels like it, of course (#diva).

As Hannah exclaims on her Instagram page, "This cow is totally the best cow ever!"

We couldn't agree more. Go Lilac!