Stoned Cat Binges On Catnip In Pet Supply Store

A Dutch cat is going viral after its retail rampage put a literal twist on a pet supply store's layaway program.

Stoned Cat Binges On Catnip In Pet Supply Store
credit: kmlkmljkl

Hilarious video posted to Facebook by Pets Place, a chain of shops in the Netherlands, captures the runaway mouser splashing joyously — zero effs, along with zero dollars, were given — atop a pile of toys stuffed with the kitty intoxicant.

Cat binges on catnip in Dutch pet supply store
credit: Pets Place

Staffers at the company's Zwolle location say the brazen cat burglar strolled in off the street and promptly went on a drug-fueled bender that's since been viewed more than 500,000+ times on Facebook (and shared by another 4,000+)!

Gast in Pets Place Zwolle

Deze onverwachtse bezoeker heeft het erg naar zijn zin bij Pets Place Zwolle! De speeltjes zijn goedgekeurd! Na het speelkwartier is deze verdwaalde kat gelukkig weer opgehaald door zijn baasje.

Posted by Pets Place on Friday, January 15, 2016

But the feline frenzy didn't end there: A second clip, recorded by a customer, shows the cat — and all of the minted plant product — spilling messily onto the floor below.

(If you ask us, the only crime here was failing to turn the phone to landscape mode.)

According to the description that "accompanyied" the Facebook video (translated with a little help from Google), the perp was apprehended by authorities (aka its owner) and returned to its rightful home:

"This unexpected visitor has really enjoying at Pets Place Zwolle! The toys are approved! After playtime, this stray cat happily picked up by its owner."

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