This Vet Clinic Treats Homeless Dogs & We're Not Crying, You Are

There are vet clinics on every corner, but there are not many vet clinics that treat homeless pets. One of the few lies in Glasgow, Scotland, and their story is making us weepy.

It all started with Ruby Shorrock, a vet student at the University of Glasgow. She heard about Nottingham Veterinary School, where a program exists to help homeless people treat their pets for free.

She knew how special this was and took action when she noticed that this was the only program for homeless pets in her area. At only 22, she started The Trusty Paws Clinic in Glasgow. Due to the success of the Glasgow location, Shorrock opened another clinic in London.

According to their Facebook page, "The Trusty Paws Clinic is a clinic for dogs belonging to homeless people in Glasgow and London. The clinic is run by fourth-year vet students and provides free vaccinations, flea/worming treatment and microchips to the dogs. We also give out food, clothing and bedding for the dogs and people. Glasgow is in desperate need of a project like this as there is very little support for homeless people with dogs. There are no dog friendly hostels at all."

Is there anything more special than allowing someone the happiness of keeping their pets happy and healthy? Pets are family, and not everyone can get the proper health care for their furry family. The Trusty Paws Clinic has changed that for many living in London and Glasgow.

True Activist writes, "[Shorrock's] not only allowing people that don't have homes, for whatever reason, to keep their closest friends with them but she's giving the dogs the opportunity to continue to help their humans during this rough time in their life."

Trusty Paws has treated over 100 dogs since it opened it's doors in 2014, and we hope there are many more happy healthy pups to come!