10 Cute Cat Costumes for Halloween

Cats and Halloween go hand in hand, so why not dress up your feline friend for the occasion? Don't forget to keep plenty of treats handy to reward your furry friend for being a good sport and showing off his stylish threads for you and your friends. Get your kitty ready for the festivities with one of these cute costumes that you can easily create yourself.

One-eyed cat
Transform your kitty into a frog prince for the night.
credit: Kate Van Vleck/Demand Media


10. Flower Child

This flower definitely isn't a shrinking violet.
credit: MarthaStewart.com

Turn your feline into an adorable piece of foliage with this flower petal collar. Just a few pieces of felt and a ribbon will make your little flower kitten the belle of the ball, with no watering or soil necessary.

9. The Lion King

Your little lion will roar his way into your lap.
credit: Procter & Gamble, pgeveryday.com

Your kitty will be the king of the jungle, or at least your living room, in this lion costume. Use some fuzzy polar fleece and glue to create a furry collar that will transform your feline friend into a fearsome big cat. Don't be surprised if your little lion ends up on the hunt for treats and cuddles.

8. Pirate Kitty

Beware because kitty pirates will steal your heart.
credit: cutoutandkeep.net

Your cat will be the cutest pirate of the evening this Halloween wearing this adorable pirate hat. Follow the directions using some felt and fabric glue to create a hat worthy of your little buccaneer. All that's missing is a treasure chest filled with tasty morsels for your swashbuckling kitty to plunder.

7. Fearsome Viking Kitty

Your Scandinavian warrior is a fan of the sea -- seafood that is.
credit: Cheryl, www.sewcando.com

Your feline Viking will be sure to scare some cat treats out of your guests with this cute costume. Use felt to create the traditional Viking hat, using stuffing to keep the horns aloft. Attach a strap to the hat to keep it in place and add a yarn-braided beard to it, if desired, for your male kitty or two braids for your little shield maiden. Finish it off with a dashing cape.

6. The Doctor Is In

The doctor will be heading for his TARDIS in this ensemble.
credit: allonsykimberly.com

This kitty doctor won't be treating anyone for a medical emergency, but he might just take them on a trip through time. Dress your feline friend up as Dr. Who this Halloween, with a simple red fez and bow tie. If you have multiple cats, dress them all up and show the many faces of the doctor during your Halloween party.

5. Renaissance Man

A true artist requires treats to inspire him, especially one this cute.
credit: professorpincushion.com

Your kitty does it all, from napping to playing to eating, making him a true Renaissance cat. Show off your kitty's artistic spirit with this Renaissance-themed collar and hat, which you can make yourself by following the instructional video included in the link below.

4. The Frog Prince

Kitten and Toad
Place holder image.
credit: Kate Van Vleck/Demand Media

Your furry friend will be hopping to get into this cute frog costume. With some green felt, you can transform your feline friend into a little frog, just waiting for a barrage of kisses to turn him into a prince.


3. Ewok Kitty

The force of cuteness will be with your kitty in this costume.
credit: stellarfour.com

Get your furry friend ready for Halloween with this Star Wars-inspired costume. With just a scrap of felt and some random buttons, create the signature look of those Star Wars cuties. The best part of this costume is that the worse your stitching is, the better it looks because those Ewoks weren't exactly known for their sewing ability.

2. Nyan Cat

Did you know that there is a video of me on the internet?
credit: http://trailmixdiaries.wordpress.com

Now your cat can look just like the animated one who turned into a Youtube sensation that started a meme. Best of all, this fabric costume looks best on your kitty when he's just laying around, which is likely one of his favorite activities.

1. Rice Krispies Treat

This sweet treat won't give you cavities, just purrs and head bonks.
credit: Rich Juzwiak, fourfour.typepad.com

Cats love boxes and you love Rice Krispies treats, so why not combine the two into this fantastic costume for your feline friend. Simply cover a box with brown paper, nontoxic glue and Rice Krispies. Cut out spaces for your cat's head and body to create the ultimate kitty costume. Now your feline friend can be one of the "treats" on Halloween.