How to Keep Goldfish Alive

By Cuteness Contributor

Do your goldfish keep dying on you? Having to buy a new goldfish for your child every month can be frustrating. Goldfish can live for years if you just take a few precautions. Here are a couple tips on how to keep your goldfish alive longer.

Get the largest bowl you can for your goldfish. Not to large as goldfish will grow to the size of their tank, but a decent size with the largest opening you can find. Larger surface area allows more oxygen to penetrate the water.

Make sure you aren't over feeding your goldfish. Excess fish food will rot in your tank and cause the water to become cloudy and contaminated. Just a small pinch of food is all your fish need for the whole day.

Change your goldfish' s water regularly. Small tanks or bowls tend to get dirty quick. Poor water quality can kill a goldfish fast.

Use non chlorinated water whenever you add water to you bowl. The chlorine from your tap water can kill your goldfish in a day. An easy way to dechlorinate water is to let it sit out for a couple of days. The chlorine will evaporate and then you can pour it into your goldfish tank. You can also buy drops at your local pet store that will dechlorinate water.

Buy an air pump (aerator) for you tank. This will help oxygenate the water and keep your fish healthy. Goldfish suck oxygen from the water through their gills. A small bowl with little oxygen in the water will often cause your goldfish to die quickly.