How to Make Your Own Dog Shampoo

Dog shampoo is specially formulated at a low pH that will not irritate your dog's skin and coat. Instead of using your own shampoo to wash your dog, consider this easy recipe for homemade dog shampoo. The ingredients are inexpensive, have a low pH and will not dry out your dog's fur. This shampoo is also detergent- and chemical-free and will soothe skin irritation.


Step 1

Mix the vegetable glycerin or vegetable oil, liquid Castile soap and aloe vera gel together gently with a spoon in a jug or bowl. Slowly add the water. Shaking the mixture or mixing too fast can cause the mixture to become bubbly and difficult to mix.

Step 2

Use your funnel to pour the dog shampoo into the clean, empty liquid soap dispenser. Make sure the liquid soap dispenser does not contain traces of the original contents.

Step 3

Wet your dog in the bathtub or outside. Pump out a few pumps of the dog shampoo, and work it into a lather on your dog's coat. Use your hands to work the shampoo in.

Step 4

Rinse your dog, and pat dry with an old towel.