How to Own a Pet Lion

By Cuteness Pets Editor

Owning a pet lion can be a rewarding experience, as long as you understand the commitment and dedication necessary. Lion ownership requires thorough research and preparation prior to bringing home a lion, though, so you have to prepare yourself for this big responsibility.

Research Lions Thoroughly Before Committing

Learn everything you can about lions before bringing one home. This includes the basics such as height, weight, breeding habits, shelter and food. It also includes learning their behaviors and history in captivity. Talk to other lion owners (or other large cats) for first-hand information.

Research the laws regarding big cats as pets. Local laws and regulations may prohibit the containment of such an exotic animal, so check with the town hall for the current allowance for large cats. Then, be sure to talk to the community zoning board to find out whether or not your residential area is properly zoned for you to own such an animal.

Remember that lions are not disposable. Once you own a lion, you may not be able to find a new home for the lion if the situation does not work out. Zoos, for example, are regulated in what animals they can provide homes to, and animal sanctuaries are often too crowded to take on new animals.

Prepare Your Family and Home to Welcome Your Lion

Give your lion enough room to exercise. Unlike a housecat, lions cannot be given a small area and live happily ever after. Since you will not be walking your lion, there needs to be plenty of room within the housing you provide for your lion to stretch its legs.

Educate everyone in the house on how to own a pet lion. Especially if you have small children, they need to understand the difference between a lion and "Fluffy" the housecat who sleeps on their beds. Teach your children safety first, and set up proper containment for the lion where children cannot enter.

Find a veterinarian who will treat your lion. Having a qualified and willing veterinarian is important to have prior to bringing home your pet lion. Most veterinarians only accept domesticated animals such as dogs and housecats as patients.