How to Pick Cute Puppy Names

Cute puppy names are sometimes hard to choose because it's like naming a child.

puppy dog
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After all, they are part of the family and you become attached to them. So, it's always good to take the time to find that special name that suits your dog. Also, consider the fact that they won't be a puppy forever and the name needs to fit from puppy to full grown. Allow them to keep a little doggy dignity.

Step 1

Engage your creativity and your common sense. For example, common sense would tell you not to name your dog Tadpole, especially if he's a Great Dane. Consider your dog's size both now and as an adult.

Step 2

Analyze your puppy's personality and try to choose a name that goes with his behavior. This is why it's good to give it some time before you brand your dog with a name that has nothing to do with his behaviors. For instance calling him Buddy when he's not friendly at all, but instead growls and tries to bite people is misleading.

Step 3

Try to keep it simple. Cute puppy names aren't long and hard to pronounce. This makes it easier on everyone including the puppy. It's also good for safety purposes. A short name is much faster to get out than a long one when a puppy is running toward the street into oncoming traffic.

Step 4

Look at your dog's features to see if there is anything distinctive that would make a cute puppy name. Check out the markings and color of fur as well as eyes, ears, paws, and tail. Anything at all that stands out could be a great idea for a perfect puppy name.

Step 5

Consider hobbies, interests, movies, characters, books and anything that you're passionate about. You may find a creative name within your own interests.

Step 6

Think back about any unusual circumstances that had to do with how you got the puppy. For instance, if you won her in a card game you could name her Ace, Queen, Flush or Gambler. Be creative. Some of the best cute puppy names come from thinking outside the box.

Step 7

Research a few websites that have cute puppy names and see if any of the names appeal to you. Naturally, it doesn't have to be the exact same name, but the names can give you ideas. Additionally, check out baby names. Many times dogs have the same names as people.