How to Train Hunting Dogs

How to Train Hunting Dogs. There are 24 breeds of dogs that are classified as hunting dogs. The kind of game a dog will track and the climate he will be tracking in are 2 important considerations to take into account when choosing your dog. There is no breed of dog that comes trained to hunt. You must be prepared to train your own, and training dogs is not easy. You'll have to keep working at it and have plenty of patience.

Step 1

Purchase the correct breed of dog. Hunting dogs are generally used for tracking. Acquire a dog with a good sense of smell.

Step 2

Begin with a puppy. It is easier to develop a bond with your dog if you start training her when she is young. Start training when she is 7 to 10 weeks old.

Step 3

Train your dog to hunt by scent rather than by eyesight. A dog may not always be able to see game, but a well-trained dog can always smell it.

Step 4

Exercise your dog during the off-season and do not overfeed her. Dogs that are not in good physical condition will not perform well.

Step 5

Get your dog used to working in the climate that she will be exposed to during hunting season. This should be done on a regular basis.

Step 6

Make sure your dog is well nourished. Keep a supply of fresh water available. A working dog consumes a lot of fluids.

Step 7

Begin your training using basic obedience commands like sit, stay, come and heel. Praise your dog when he follows your commands.

Step 8

Train your dog to respect you. Use kindness combined with discipline. When you and your dog are out hunting, you don't want to be searching for your dog when she should be looking for game.

Step 9

Purchase an electric collar. When dogs do not follow commands or are easily distracted, a small electric shock will let them know they are doing something wrong.

Step 10

Buy a couple of pints of deer blood if you are hunting deer. Make a trail of blood, placing a dog treat at the end. Teach the dog to follow the scent.