Turnips for Dogs With Kidney Disease

If your dog has developed kidney disease, you can introduce beneficial foods into his diet that alleviate some of his distress. By adding turnips to foods your dog prefers, such as beef or chicken, you can incorporate this beneficial vegetable into his daily meals.


Health Benefits


Turnips are high in water content and act as a natural diuretic--anything that helps the kidneys create urine--thus they stimulate natural kidney function.

Nutritional Features

Turnips are high in folic acid and Vitamin B6, both of which can be beneficial to dogs with renal disease.


Turnips provide a wealth of Vitamin C, an antioxidant which is important in the diet of kidney patients, human or canine.

Expert Insight


Veterinarian Russell Swift cites poor nutrition as the No. 1 cause of kidney disease in dogs.


Consider feeding your dog a fresh diet of meat and vegetables, including turnips, to prevent kidney disease.