What to Feed a Dog That Is Vomiting

Vomiting is not uncommon in dogs. Our canine companions can have digestive upset for a wide variety of reasons from severe illness requiring immediate attention to simple indigestion from eating something a bit irritating. Vomiting is the result of an irritated stomach. Dogs are scavengers by nature and will often ingest anything that appeals to them like garbage, bones, a sock, bugs, or toys. The list of items consumed by dogs is literally endless. The dog's primary mechanism for ridding its body of a disagreeable item is to vomit. Occasional vomiting in dogs, particularly after eating a large meal, grass, dirt or garbage, is typically not cause for concern. Some dogs also vomit a clear or yellow frothy liquid, often on waking, when their stomachs are empty. This usually does not indicate illness and is resolved by feeding a normal meal. Vomiting may be a sign of severe or chronic illness. Your pet should always be taken to the veterinarian for any vomiting that includes restlessness, bloating, indications of pain, listlessness, disorientation or vomiting blood. Prior to treating any illness at home consult your veterinarian for the best course of action. This guide should be used after your veterinarian has assured you that the dog's vomiting does not require further medical intervention.


Step 1

Withhold all food for 24 hours after your dog's last vomiting episode. This allows any stomach irritation to subside and is often enough to resolve the issue.

Step 2

Introduce a bland diet to your dog after the 24 hour period has ended. You may purchase a bland diet food from your veterinarian or make a diet at home by combining 1 part boiled low fat hamburger or, boiled chicken breast (skin and bones removed) and two parts rice. Give your dog the same quantity of bland food in a day he would normally get in a day on it's regular diet. Feed the bland diet at least three times a day for the first day.

Step 3

Add in your dog's own regular food once all vomiting has ceased for at least a day. Start by combining half of your dog's normal diet with half of the bland diet.

Step 4

Increase the ratio of regular food to bland food each day until the normal diet has resumed.