10 Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy

Your moody little kitty may act like she doesn't need you or your petty attention, but we all know that's just an act. Keeping your cat happy, stimulated and entertained goes a long way in making sure they're healthy and helps avoid the dreaded behavioral problems that can come along with a pissed-off pussycat.

1. Let them hang out.


Cats love to sit up high and look down on their domain like the royalty they are. Give them a designated spot to avoid them knocking down all the knick-knacks on top of your cabinets or bookcase. Whether you get them a tall cat tree or a specially designed shelf, they'll be purrfectly content to hang out there all day long.

2. Go green!

Cat and vase of fresh catnip
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Don't get frustrated when you come home to find out your cat has made a salad out of your new, decorative houseplant. Get them one of their own to nibble on instead. Not only will this keep them from accidentally ingesting a potentially poisonous plant, it'll also give them access to a snack anytime the urge strikes.

3. Keep it clean!


Image: Tom Thai

It's no secret that cats are total neat freaks. This extends way past their need to constantly clean themselves and even affects the way they…handle their business. Making sure their litter box is cleaned consistently can alleviate a ton of potential behavioral problems and it makes a ton of sense if you think about it from the cat's perspective. It's may be a crappy job, but someone has to do it!

4. Give them a room with a view.


Image: Poster Jack

You'd probably get a little stir crazy if you had to look at the same exact surroundings day after day, and the same goes for your cat. Give them a bit of visual stimulation by having access for them to look out the window. Whether you install a perch or go as far as to install a bird feeder near a sunny window, they'll love you for providing the change in scenery.

5. Schedule regular play time.


Image: All Cat

Cats might come across as fiercely independent creatures, but they still love a good play session. Setting aside a few minutes a day to play with your feline friend will strengthen the bond between you two and give your indoor cat a bit of exercise. If your cat spends a good chunk of time alone, make sure to provide a few self-play toys too.

6. Two is always a company.


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Everyone needs a good friend, even your cat. If you're going to get one kitten, you might as well get two from the start. It'll give them a steady companion and someone else to play with. And besides, how can you pick just one?

7. Get scratch happy.


You may think your cat is out to get you when you catch him scratching your new leather sofa, but it's actually more of a compliment. Cats scratch to show they're comfortable and happy. Give your cat an approved place to sharpen his claws with a new scratching post. A few spritzes of catnip spray will let him know it's all his and ripe for the scratching.

8. Feed around the clock.


Image: Dogs First

Cat's are natural hunters and if your kitty was raised in the wild, she'd hunt up to 20 times a day so it's important to have food and fresh water available at all times of the day. High-quality wet food is preferred since it'll give kitty the necessary moisture and protein her diet needs, so make sure you spring for the good stuff. It's the least you can do for your furry BFF.

9. Let them get some fresh air.


Just like your cat can get bored looking at the same things every day, they can also get tired of smelling the same things everyday. If the weather is nice, open a window and watch your kitty sniff the breeze as they explore all the new smells coming their way. Or if you're feeling extra adventurous, invest in a cat harness and take them on a stroll around the block.

10. Be in it for the long run.


Image: She Knows

A healthy cat can live up to 20 years (and sometimes even longer), so it really is a long-term commitment. When all the funky cat sweaters have gone out of style and being a self-proclaimed "cat lady" isn't cool anymore, getting rid of your actual cat shouldn't even cross your mind. Make sure you know what you're getting yourself into and treat that kitty like part of your forever family.

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