13 Creative DIY Pet Beds

It's not that you don't appreciate your critter's earnest efforts to get hair on every piece of furniture you own. Or that you don't love finding them curled up in your freshly washed laundry. Or even that you mind only having a small fraction of your own bed to sleep in at night. It's just that they deserve a spot of their very own, right? Something cozy, personalized, and lovingly handmade. These DIY ideas will help get you started!


1 - Snuggly Sweater Bed

Video by YouTube user: Ellie Jay

Your critters already love curling up in your old clothes. Officially turn your old sweater—er, jumper?—over to your cat with this smart reuse idea. Video tutorial here.

2 - Nighty-Night Stand Bed


Image: Woodshopdiaries

An anxious pooch can stay extra close to you while you sleep if your bedside table doubles as a dog crate. Instructions here.

3 - Beautiful Basketweave Bed


Image: Wouldn'tItBeLovely

This lovely woven design lets air circulate under the cushion, keeping your dog cool even in hot weather. Instructions here.

4 - Snazzy Suitcase Bed


Image: ShopRuche.com

Your pet travels in in style with this ultra-chic transformation of a vintage suitcase! Look for one with an inside pocket so that you can pack a few toys for the road as well. Instructions here.

5 - Funky Fringe Bed

Video by YouTube user: Heather Wolfe Smith

The perfect project for those of us with, um, minimal DIY skills. ZERO sewing required for this infinitely customizable fringed pillow bed! Video tutorial here.

6 - Pampered Princess Bed


A bed for the truly royal pet - and a clever reuse of an old end table! Instructions here.

7 - Sweatshirt Sleeper Bed

Video by YouTube user: Trahu DIY

A no-sewing version of the sweater bed, along with a method of stamping your fabric to make it truly personalized for your pet. Video tutorial here.

8 - Minimalist Travel Bed


Image: DesignSponge.com

An easy-to-sew cushion (make it for any size pet!) becomes extra chic with the clever addition of a leather carrying handle. If only we could all travel in such style. Instructions here.

9 - Cozy Crate Bed

Video by YouTube user: Ann Le
A vintage-style milk crate easily becomes a charming bed frame for this little pup. Video tutorial here.

10 - Dual Drawer Beds


Image: LizMarieBlog.com

Old dresser drawers get repainted and cozified. No more yapping over who gets the favorite chair when they each have their own spot! Instructions here.

11 - The Cat Sack Bed


Image: The Zen of Making

This tall-sided round bed is a big step up from those paper grocery bags your kitty likes to nest in. Tip it on its side and it doubles as a cave! Instructions here.

12 - Murphy-mazing Bed


Image: This Old House

Small spaces are no limitation when the pet bed can simply be folded up and away! … As long as you can persuade your pet to stop snoozing in it, that is. Instructions here.

13 - Limitless Lap Bed


Image: Flickr

Hey, it's their favorite spot to snooze anyway, right? Instructions here.

Of course, even after all your hard work crafting them the perfect sleeping spot, we can't guarantee they won't still try to curl up with you. But hey, crowding the couch is what pets are there for.