13 Gifts for Pug Lovers Under $20

Ashley Tyler

They’re small and wrinkly and there's just something about that little smooshed face that just makes us melt. That’s right, we’re talking about PUGS. Whether you have a house full of the little cuties or just daydream about the day you can finally have one, here are just some gifts that only us pugaholics can really appreciate.

1. Pug Love

Credit: Grumpy Bert

Wear your love for pugs on your sleeve, or at least on your jean jacket. Classic roses and a hip tattoo font make this enamel pin just as cute as it is kitschy.

2.  One Doggone Cute Pouch

Credit: Etsy

Don’t worry, no one will judge you if you fill this pouch with dog treats just in case you run into a pug when your out running errands. JK – your friends will think you’re absolutely crazy, but that’s exactly why they love you.

3. Keep Calm And Color On

Credit: Etsy

When life has you feeling stressed to the max, break out your crayons and relax with this pug-filled coloring book. The designs range from simple (so you can add your own flair) to super detailed for the days where you just need to zone out for a few minutes.

4. Baby, Cause I’m A Pug

Credit: Etsy

Perfect for the pug-lovin’ guy in your life who can also appreciate a good punny t-shirt. This one’s about to become a closet staple though, so make sure you really like it if you’re giving it to someone you’ll see on the regular.

5.  Puggin’ Awesome Washi Tape

Credit: Etsy

Office supplies never looked so cute. From hanging a new print on your cubicle wall to securing that box before dropping it off at the post office, this washi tape is going to make it all more fun (and definitely way cuter!).

6.  A Pugtastic Print

Credit: Etsy

Dress up your mantle with this chic pug print. Made with thin sheets of gold leaf, this piece will add to your gallery wall while still giving you the opportunity to gaze at an adorable pug anytime you pass by.

7. A Tote-ally Cute Bag

Credit: Amazon

Now you can take a pug with you wherever you go, from the farmers market to the mall, without having to bring the pooper-scooper too.

8. A Loyal Accessory

Credit: Wear Felicity

The key to true happiness is having a pug at your fingertips at all times… literally. This ring is one-size-fits-all so watch out because everyone’s going to try to get their paws on it.

9. Don’t Forget The Card

Credit: Etsy

You can’t give a gift without a card, so you might as well make sure it’s a puggin’ cute one.

10. Dia De Los Pug Mug

Credit: My Dog Is My Copilot

Sip your morning coffee in style. This sugar skull inspired print is double sided, meaning your coworkers will be able to appreciate what a sweet mug you have no matter how you hold it.

11. Wear it Proud

Credit: Our Dog’s Got A Blog

Some people want diamonds on their necklaces, we just want pugs. The simple gold pendant will go with everything in your closet so you never have to worry about ever taking it off. It’ll be the last thing you’ll want to do once you see it.

12. Family Game Night Will Never be the Same

Credit: Amazon

This is just like the classic board game we all know and love, but with a pugtastic twist. In this version, instead of landing on “go to jail” you’ll have to watch out for the “go to kennel” spot on the board.

13. Just Hanging Around

Credit: Cotton On

If you already bought your BFF that new shirt she’s been stalking online, grab this wacky hanger to go with it. Hopefully she won’t be mad that this hip pug got to wear her new shirt before she did.