These 18 Animal Livestreams Are The Mental Vacation You Need

Watch adorable animals being, well, absolutely adorable.
Don't know where to start? Here are 18 of our favorite animal livestreams.


If you have a mean case of the blergs and need a quick getaway from the grind, we have the perfect pick-me-up!

1. Panda Cam


Credit: Zoo Atlanta / Animal Planet Live

What's black, white, and totally adorable? The pandas at Zoo Atlanta, that's what! Watch a pair of loving panda parents and their twin girls play and munch on as much bamboo as they can handle (spoiler: it's a lot!).

2. Rescue Kitten TV

animal livestreams

Credit: TinyKittens / Livestream

These tiny balls of cuteness are here for your viewing pleasure anytime you need a break from reality. Just don't be surprised when you find yourself watching the kittens at all hours of the day. They're too cute to look away from!

3. Puppy Hill

animal livestreams

Credit: Puppy Hill / Explore Live

If watching a group of dalmations lounge around and then play happily in the sunshine wasn't enough to fill your heart, finding out they're service dogs will push you over the edge!

4. Scnauzer Babies

animal livestreams

Credit: LivePuppyCam / Upstream

The next time you're having a bad day, just sit and watch tiny schnauzer puppies rolling around with their brothers and sisters for a few minutes. Soon you won't be able to wipe the smile off your face, no matter how hard you try.

5. Polar Bear Tundra

animal livestreams

Credit: Tundra Buggy Lodge / Explore Live

Catch a glimpse of some undeniably adorable polar bears in the snow, without freezing your butt off or even putting pants on at all. It really is the best of both worlds.

6. Penguin Observatory

animal livestreams

It's nearly impossible to be in a bad mood when you watch a delightful group of penguins waddle across your screen. Go ahead and try, we dare you.

7. Brooks Falls Bear Watch

animal livestreams

Every year over a hundred brown bears come to feast on the salmon, and now you have a front row seat to all the action. You're welcome.

8. Giraffe Cam

animal livestreams

You used to have to wait in long lines at the zoo to see your favorite long-necked animal, but not anymore. Now all you need is internet and a few hours to spare because once you start watching , it'll be tough to do anything else.

9. Fruit Bat Cave

animal livestreams

Credit: Organization for Bat Conservation / Explore Live

Shed some light on these creatures of the night, and you'll see that bats aren't so creepy after all. Come to think of it, they're actually pretty cute. Halloween will never be the same again.

10. Ape Animal Camera

animal livestreams

Credit: San Diego Zoo

When the stress of the day is wearing you down, take a minute and stream these super-amuzing orangutans. Let loose and jump around your apartment, while doing your best ape impression. At the very least, you'll crack up laughing, which will be a way better emotional state than when you started. Let's just hope no one was watching you.

11. Blacktip Reef

animal livestreams

Credit: National Aquarium / Animal Planet Live

Relax with a deep dive into the ocean— or at least to the bottom of this aquarium. From sharks to sea turtles, there's always something to see here. Hey Nemo, is that you?

12.  African Animal Lookout

animal livestreams

A herd of elephants playfully splashing in the river, a hippo sunning himself on the bank, zebras stopping for a quick drink— now you can see them all from the comfort of your couch, without a 20-hour flight or extra vaccines.

13. Tiger Lake

animal livestreams

Credit: Tiger Lake / Explore Live

While these ferocious felines may look like primo cuddle buddies, you'll probably be a lot safer just hugging your laptop while watching this livestream instead.

14. Puffin Ledge

animal ivestreams

Credit: Audubon / UStream

Imagine your softest, cuddliest stuffed animal coming to life, and it still wouldn't be half as cute as this group of puffins.

15. Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue

animal livestreams

Watch over 200 cuddly cats run wild at this cage free, no-kill shelter! Your faith in humanity will instantly be restored, especially when you realize it's probably a good idea that smell-a-vision isn't a thing yet.

16. Bay Area Bird Rescue

animal livestreams

Splishing and splashing, these rescued ducks and pelicans are loving life, and you'll love watching them just as much.

17. Jelly Fish Pond

animal livestreams

Don't let these soothing, beautiful creatures fool you! Those tentacles are full of stinging cells that will leave you in tears after a single touch. But lucky for you, you can still get a close look without even leaving your house.

18. Bald Eagle Nest

animal livestreams

Credit: Berry College

Get up close and personal with a few regal bald eagles and watch as they build their nests and contemplate which college kid to poop on next.