7 Pets Having a Better Vacation Than You

Vacations are pretty much the best. But, they can always be better. While you might be spending your days off at the Days Inn or in a hostel, these pampered pooches are living the high life.


1 - They squeeze in that beachside vacay workout.


Image source:Giphy

No better gym than the great outdoors.

2 - They fly First Class, or even better, private!


Image source: Daily Mail

“Would you like some Evian for takeoff, sir?”

3 - They’re always pampered

4 - Their luggage costs more than your mortgage


Image source:Etsy

$1,895.95? It’s fine- not like I needed to eat this month.

5 - They never miss out on a refreshing dip in the pool


Image source: Email Junk

Don’t forget the sunglasses.

6 - They never rent cars or Uber


Image source: Blog Lovin'

All luxury, all the time.

7 - They only dine at the finest restaurants.


Image source: Schnauzers Rule

It better have a Michelin star or it’s not even happening.