7 Pets Having a Better Vacation Than You

By Sara Stuart

Vacations are pretty much the best. But, they can always be better. While you might be spending your days off at the Days Inn or in a hostel, these pampered pooches are living the high life.


1 - They squeeze in that beachside vacay workout.


Image source:Giphy

No better gym than the great outdoors.

2 - They fly First Class, or even better, private!


Image source: Daily Mail

"Would you like some Evian for takeoff, sir?"

3 - They're always pampered

4 - Their luggage costs more than your mortgage


Image source:Etsy

$1,895.95? It's fine- not like I needed to eat this month.

5 - They never miss out on a refreshing dip in the pool


Image source: Email Junk

Don't forget the sunglasses.

6 - They never rent cars or Uber


Image source: Blog Lovin'

All luxury, all the time.

7 - They only dine at the finest restaurants.


Image source: Schnauzers Rule

It better have a Michelin star or it's not even happening.