Cuteness Interviews Bubba the School Cat

Not all cats go to school. But this special kitty attends not one, but two schools! Although Bubba the School Cat is more likely to be sleeping on notes than taking them, he's a fixture at the school campuses near his house. In fact, Bubba is so beloved, he's even been issued his own school ID card! With plenty of attention constantly coming his way from the faculty and students, can you blame him for hanging around campus from morning til night?


Bubba took a few minutes out of his busy day of making students' days brighter to talk to us about how he worked his way into being a permanent campus fixture, why academics are so important, and what he would do if he was principal.

After you were adopted, your family tried to keep you indoors. What did you do for them to finally realize you should have access to the great outdoors?

I was only about 7 months old when my family adopted me from the shelter. Because I was so young, they really hoped to keep me indoors for as long as possible. I was having none of that, however, and I started to pester them daily by wandering from door to door and meowing loudly, sometimes for an hour or more. Finally, in desperation, they let me out through the back door to see what I would do. And yes, I wore a tag and a microchip.

Why did you start hanging around your local schools?

Shortly after being allowed outside, I started to show up regularly at neighbor's houses. My mom would get phone calls from neighbors who said I was waiting on their front porch, meowing to be let in. Once I ran into a house and spent the night! By the time I was about 1 year old, the phone calls all came from Bret Harte Middle School located right behind our house. The office would call and say I was in this or that classroom or maybe I was in the gym, locker room, or cafeteria (they were NOT thrilled by that last one). In 2013 I started to attend Leland High School, also right behind our house. I have purrfect attendance and there's talk about letting me go through graduation next year!

What's your favorite school subject?

That's a tough one. I've napped in all the classrooms and I think they are equal in my book. I do like after school programs, though. My recent theatre experience was fabulous!

If you were valedictorian of your class and had to give a graduation speech, what would be the main point of your speech?

That no matter where you start, you should end up at your high school graduation! Education is the best gift we can give to ourselves. Life may be tough, but without an education it's sure to be much more so. It's cool to go to school!

You're so loved at the schools you visit that they even issued you an ID card. What have you done to win over the students & staff?

I'm not sure if I "won them over" as much as I "wore them out." At first teachers were a bit alarmed that I was always showing up in class, but after realizing what a mellow guy I am, and seeing how totally handsome I can be, they decided to just let me do my thing. Now everyone is happy to see me and some teachers even have special treat bowls and water bowls out for me.

If you became principal of one of the schools you frequent, what would be the first rule you set into motion?

I may be biased, but I think animals and kids are a special kind of magic together. Obviously precautions need to be taken, but I would let teachers bring their well behaved, healthy pets to school. I think the teachers, the pets, and most of all, the students, would benefit from it.

You love to go to school but most kids dread it. What advice do you have for kids to help them enjoy school just a little bit more?

I think the key is to make a special connection with someone at school. Maybe it's a friend, maybe it's a teacher, maybe it's the lunch lady. Connections are key to human happiness. I think the reason I am so popular is that I make each person feel special. I hope if you are a teacher reading this, that you are on the lookout at school for the kid that may need you. And if you are a student reading this, make sure you are kind to others. You never know what is going on in someone's life and your smile might make all the difference in that person's day!

By Sara Stuart

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