Cuteness Interviews Mochi The Pug

Vine much? Then you've probably seen this precious pug's adorably addictive loops. Mochi's got 345,500 followers and after you see him in action, you'll know why. Cuteness was lucky enough to nab an exclusive interview with his mochiness about a whole bunch of important pug-centric issues—like guilty pleasure TV shows and the pet celeb he'd most like to switch bodies with. Check it out!


Hi Mochi, so you're undoubtedly the coolest pug around, what would you say is the coolest thing about you?

I have a heart shape on my forehead! My mommy and daddy call it my love button; I get lots of kisses on my head!

When you meet someone new for the first time, what's the first thing you notice about them?

I notice how they smell! I may have a flat nose, but I still have a great sense of smell and always give someone a 'smell down' when I meet them to take in all the different scents.

If you could throw a party while your owner was away, describe how that party would look and who would be invited?

Uh....well, I would never disobey my owners... but hypothetically speaking, If I were to have a party I would be eating all the people foods that I'm not supposed to eat, pretty much everything in the fridge (minus lettuce, yuck!). Pugs are basically garbage disposals, so I'm not very picky. I would invite all my people friends and family to make sure they would not tell on me to my owners! I love people more than dogs because I love the affection and attention people offer!

Let's say your human came home earlier than expected and you got caught; how do you convince your human to not punish you for life?

When I am being naughty, I make very very sad eyes and lower my head. My sad pug eyes always gets me loves from my parents. They can never stay mad at me for very long because I am a perfect little angel.


What is your current guilty pleasure TV show at the moment?

Actually, I'm quite vain. Whenever my humans play a video of myself on the screen, I go nuts! Otherwise, I've been watching Cartoon Network with my mommy.

Let's say you could switch bodies with any famous celebrity that's still alive, who would you want to become and why?

I wouldn't want to be a human celebrity, but as far as dog celebrities go, I would want to trade bodies with Sid the Beagle. He always has something yummy in his mouth like pizza and hot dogs!! Sounds like quite the life!

What's the best thing about pugs?

Pugs are total clowns, and we love to make our humans laugh with our crazy antics! We are also the sweetest and most glorious of all dog breeds. We make excellent family pets and are loyal to our humans.

Is there any advice that you want to give to Pug owners to make the lives of Pugs more fun?

Pugs get bored easily and seek after attention whether it be positive attention or negative attention. Of course I appreciate the freely given positive attention, but if I think I'm not being paid enough attention, I will grab something I know I'm not supposed to have! Pugs also shed like crazy. However, brushing my coat regularly and high quality food can help offset this.


I know you don't want to be known only as a pet celebrity, what are some of your career goals for the future?

Just being the best big sister to my baby human that I can be!

Lastly, what's something you'd like to change in the world to improve the lives of dogs everywhere?

Better access to clean water!


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